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About Us

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Strategy & Vision


Yuanta has a clear and focused vision to cultivate Taiwan and expand internationally, with the goal of becoming the best financial service provider in the Asia-Pacific region. By integrating Group resources, providing cross-industry and cross-border financial services, as well as satisfying customers’ needs in wealth management, financing and fundraising planning and cash flow integration, Yuanta will achieve the concept of “local living, global financial management”.


Yuanta upholds the core values of integrity, professionalism, honesty, and stability, in working to provide its customers with the very best financial services, set a standard of superior corporate governance, create maximum long-term shareholder value, and fulfill its corporate social responsibility. Total Shareholder Return (TSR) is not only to achieve financial profitability, but it also implies the guiding principles of our management philosophy: To thrive by expansion, to actualize synergies, and to affirm stringent risk management.

Teamwork and discipline are crucial elements of Yuanta's core values. Through the implementation of its corporate governance, risk management and legal systems, Yuanta is able to maintain stable operations and growth amid an ever-changing financial environment, and by doing so benefits customers and shareholders.


By building on a foundation of trust, Yuanta forms life-long partnerships with its customers in order to assist them in wealth creation so they can ultimately realize their financial goals. By providing "one-stop" comprehensive financial services that are efficient and add the greatest value, not only do customers benefit but all stakeholders as well (employees, shareholders, partner companies, etc.), and the company is driven toward greater competitiveness among its financial company peers.


Yuanta Financial Holdings has completed the acquisitions and mergers of Polaris Securities, New York Life Insurance (Taiwan) and Ta Chong Bank and thereby upgraded its business scale remarkably. Meanwhile, the Company’s business model has also transitioned from a focus on flow management in the securities market to a focus on balanced flow and stock management. The Company's mid-term and long-term development strategy was adjusted from the three-pillar model into an overall growth development strategy valuing “solidification of cores and driving of growth”. The various business units should solidify the contribution of core businesses and also focus on the layout of growing businesses, deepen operations, and raise the Group’s overall synergies from integrated growth.

The development strategies of the Company’s main subsidiaries are summarized as follows:

Driven by its “major wealth manager + major investment bank” concept, the Company enhanced the momentum driving its business and profit growth by virtue of cross-department, cross-subsidiary and cross-border integration and innovation, as well as actively building its international operations. Yuanta Bank will focus primarily on upgrading synergies coming from consolidation, as well as adjusting its business structure and taking advantage of international and cross-border business opportunities in order to achieve stable growth and upgrade its profitability.

Continue to optimize core funds, take advantage of new ventures, and develop overseas niche-based products. Yuanta Futures will focus primarily on maintaining the profitability and market share of its domestic brokerage services, and actively participate in its overseas operations, with the mid-term goal of becoming a regional futures firm.

Continue to strengthen its development of protection-type products and group marketing for its protection-type product sales force, as well as utilizing stable growth of asset scale, cost control, and upgraded investment return, in order to cut losses and break even as soon as possible.

In the future, the Company will continue to fulfill its culture of ethical management and enterprising spirit, and also implement business strategies driving overall growth, adopt business models that balance stock and flow, and improve profit by establishing diversified businesses, to upgrade the Company's asset scale and business performance. The Company will also steadily drive to stabilize and upgrade its earnings and continue to move forward toward its objective of being the “Best Financial Services Provider in the Asia Pacific Region”.

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