About Us

About Us

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  • Address 23/F, Tower 1, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong
Yuanta Futures (HK)

Yuanta Futures (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“YFHK”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yuanta Financial Holdings Co. Ltd. (“Yuanta Financial Holdings”). YFHK is one of the largest Taiwan-funded brokerage firms in Hong Kong and is committed to provide comprehensive and superior services in the aspects of corporate finance, asset management and brokerage services to global and local institutional clients, corporate clients as well as individual investors. Leveraging its years of professionalism and adhering to its financial innovation principle, it has made continuous efforts to improve and enhance the existing trading platforms as well as introduce new financial products and trading systems. With the development pace of the global financial market, YFHK strives to provide rapid and accurate transaction services for its clients to help them seizing market opportunities.

Yuanta Financial Holdings is one of the top five financial holding companies in Taiwan, in which its scale in securities, futures and asset management business has solidified a dominant position in the Taiwan market. As a leading financial firm with securities business as its focus, Yuanta Financial Holdings has been exploring further overseas business opportunities over the years with its sphere of influence all over Asia. With the rapid economic development of Mainland China in recent years, Yuanta Financial Holdings has adjusted its overseas development strategy and fully focused on the Greater China market. Hong Kong will serve as a primary base of operations for Yuanta Financial Holdings in the Greater China region, actively establishing comprehensive and professional trading platforms to provide services such as cross-border investment, market fundraising, research advisory and wealth management to its investors.

YFHK is devoted to accomplish its mission of “serving clients at heart” in providing the best financial services to its clients. It is committed to create wealth with its clients and realize their personal aspirations in aiming to ”become the best financial service provider” in the Greater China region.

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