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Yuanta and NCCU - Cultivating the Next Generation of World-Class Investment Banking Talent

In its 57 year history cultivating the capital markets with agile, adaptable strategies and progressive thinking, Yuanta Securities has expanded from brokerage and venture capital into banking, wealth management and more through integration of its businesses and resources. From its start in Taiwan, to its growth into Hong Kong, Korea, and Southeast Asia, the Company has made a name for itself as an internationally respected investment bank, stimulating the Taiwanese capital markets and establishing a key role for itself in the march toward internationalization. Yuanta Financial Holdings (FHC) has integrated the investment banking and fixed income divisions of Yuanta Securities, the corporate banking and wealth management divisions of Yuanta Bank, and Yuanta Venture Capital – comprising a total of five professional teams – and joined National Chengchi University's Finance Department to create the "Practice of Investment Banking" curriculum, guiding students to an understanding of how, among international investment banking firms, domestic financial institutions are able to bring together their securities, banking and venture capital divisions to successfully gain entry to global capital markets and find a place on the international stage. The fourteen-week "Practice of Investment Banking" curriculum is based on primarily on practical cases, with a secondary focus on applied theory. The course begins with a lecture by Yuanta Securities Chairman Ming Hong Ho on the topic of "Operational Presence in Asia and Cross-Border Business Opportunities", in which he analyzes the development of international finance and the strategic thinking behind Yuanta Securities' international layout, and encourages students to expand their horizons beyond their own country, and bravely embrace the challenges and opportunities of the international financial markets. Yuanta FHC arranges for fifteen senior executives from four Group companies – Yuanta FHC, Yuanta Securities, Yuanta Bank, and Yuanta Venture Capital – to jointly hold classes with professors from the Finance Department of National Chengchi University, covering topics such as representative domestic and international IPO cases, corporate financial planning, large-scale financing, international syndicated loans, and international M&A, among other practical examples. Through lectures and case studies, students are given a more thorough understanding of corporate financial planning and capital market fundraising, including strategic thinking, procedural planning and actual results. As students are guided through case analyses, they study from the diverse perspectives of shareholders, CEOs, CFOs, financial advisors and others, and consider corporate financial planning and fundraising strategy, balancing risk and profit, and achieving win-win situations in which corporate fundraising and investor subscriptions are both executed successfully. More than 300 undergraduate and graduate students signed up for one of the 90 available spots in the "Practical Investment Banking" course, showing an eagerness to increase their international competitiveness and better their understanding of international finance and corporate practice. In the "Yuanta Lecture Hall" donated by Yuanta FHC, the Company's executives shared with students some of the lessons and practical experience they had accumulated in their decades on the job, passing this valuable knowledge on to the coming generation. With the global financial industry continually expanding in scale, the rapid development of fintech, and considerable new challenges faced by the financial industry in Taiwan, Yuanta FHC has steadily grown its overseas layout by establishing locations in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other countries, as well as becoming the only Taiwanese financial institution to offer securities and banking service locations in Korea. Yuanta recognizes that a company requires not only a strategy, but also the soft-power of its professional workforce, to truly become an international force. Thus, Yuanta FHC has sought to actively cultivate forward-thinking, international financial talent, helping students to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace, and guide them through the challenges and opportunities of today's international financial markets.

Yuanta Management Associate Program Financial Talent with an International Focus


In an age of constantly changing technology and business models, the importance of strengthening sales techniques and developing fintech, as well as cultivating international financial talent, cannot be overstated. This year, Yuanta will recruit 20 new individuals to join its management associate (MA) program, with a focus on six major business area specializations: investment banking, corporate banking, digital finance, wealth management, transaction banking, and operational management. Today (March 3rd), the general managers of Company subsidiaries attended a campus exhibition at National Taiwan University, encouraging students to follow their dreams, and explaining how Yuanta invests Group resources to train the next generation of financial talent, putting them in a position to achieve their career goals on the truly global stage of the modern financial industry. Yuanta Financial Holdings’ management associate program is an in-depth, two and a half year training program, which combines a rigorous schedule of classes, training rotations in Company departments, the assignment of special projects, and international traineeships, ensuring that MA program graduates fully grasp the Group's core business areas and are able to effectively integrate into their professional roles. The Yuanta Group puts its full support behind the MA program, including by inviting the general managers of five of its subsidiary companies, as well as other top executives, to offer MAs their analysis on market competitiveness trends and operational strategy, helping them to sharpen their strategic thinking skills and expand their global outlook. Company executives also arrange a practical training program for the MAs, offering a deeper understanding of customers' needs and the practical operations of the Company, and helping them to accumulate valuable on-the-job experience. Additionally, by assigning a schedule of special reports for the MAs, the Company can better understand their training progress and development potential. Management associates undergo a series of training modules, enabling them to quickly gain an understanding of the Group's business, resources, and personnel, using job rotations to multiple Company departments to help MAs broaden their perspective on the Company's operations and acquire a diverse range of professional skills, as they follow the Group's business needs in preparation for a career in international finance. In line with the development of specified business areas, MAs are sent to Company locations abroad for further training, and more than half of MAs have the opportunity to develop through cross-sector training in their job rotations. And every MA is assigned a mentor and career advisor within the Company, to provide them with timely advice on their experience, increase their visibility in the workplace, and help them take advantage of opportunities for advancement. The performance of Yuanta's operational layout in Asia has won it the affirmation of regulators, and the progress of the Company's international expansion has been steady; as a major component of these efforts, the Company has sought out top industry talent with a keen understanding of markets and finance, who are adept in logical thinking, problem-solving, and possess strong communication and coordination skills, as well as the desire to learn. At today's recruiting event at National Taiwan University, Company executives met with students to explain the content of the MA program and its career development prospects; current and former Yuanta MAs shared their experiences regarding the application process, as well as the challenges and benefits of the training program. For more information on the Yuanta Financial Holdings Management Associate Program, including an introduction of the MA work content, required qualifications and application method, dates and times for future explanatory meetings, and special characteristics of Yuanta's training program, please visit the MA program's website at